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Ever more often you see a car or a van driving by that is stickered or even completely wrapped! This is a perfect and relatively affordable way of advertising (while driving). Everywhere you drive, people (potential customers) come into contact with your company!



When you have your car or van wrapped, this has more advantages than you would first think. It is an easy way to adjust the colour of your car, useful for when you are not exactly happy with the colour. You can choose from hundreds of colours! In addition, you protect the paint of the car against, for example, crushed rocks. The foil is easy to remove, and you maintain a higher sales value because you’ll have less scratches. You can also choose a design completely in the house style of your company. That way you will stand out even more!


When you have your car wrapped it is wise to inform the RDW about the new colour of your car. Mainly with passenger cars, the colour is always mentioned on the registration certificate. This is not necessary for other vehicles, because then the colour is not mentioned on the registration certificate. According to the law, the colour of the car must always be in accordance with the colour that is stated on the registration certificate. This can be changed free of charge through the website of RDW. You can do this through the form ‘Request colour change’, Hereby, RDW also requires a clear colour picture of your car.


A more affordable solution is stickering your car or bus. That way, in the blink of an eye you can make your company name, logo & house style clear to everyone driving passed you!

Would you like to learn more about the options of wrapping or stickering a car? Then read more about this here!

We are also happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for wrapping your (company)car.

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