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Pimp your office space!

Everybody knows them, those office spaces with white walls, a 15-year old painting on the wall, a black chair and grey carpeting. Anything but inspiring! Still we expect our employees to come up with inspiring and innovative ideas. But how can you expect this from your colleague if this person is sitting behind their desk in a sterile office? We can hear you thinking; turning an entire office into a cool and inspiring workplace, that’s loads of work! We’ll postpone that for now.

XXL Wallpaper

Research has shown that when office spaces feel like home, we do more work. It feels less like working and we gain more inspiration. DE GOEDE Visual Communication offers the solution for transforming these boring office spaces! In the blink of an eye we change the space into a forest, a field of flowers, an aquarium, the beach, or a famous painting. As big as the entire wall!

Decorate your office with XXL wallpaper. We print the wallpaper full colour, so every design is an option. Absolutely anything is possible! That way you can give your office space a unique look and feel in the blink of an eye. The big advantage is that there is no wallpaper glue needed, we spray the wall with water and paste the wallpaper on it. In addition, the wallpaper is very easy to remove. Are you getting tired of your wallpaper? We can just print you a new one! Read more about XXL Wall here.

Textile frame with tendon fabric

Another beautiful solution is placing a textile frame with tendon fabric. This is also perfect to quickly transform your office space. We print the design on fabric and you can easily fit this into the frame by means of a silicon tendon. Are you tired of the fabric then you can just fit in a new one!

If you would really like a change, then choose an illuminated version. By means of LED lights we illuminate the fabric, this gives a very cool effect and beautiful soft light in the space. The LED lighting will make the colours stand out even more beautifully.

LED lighting is durable because this type of lighting has a lifespan of 30,000 to 100,000 burning hours. This equals more than 5 years of constant use of the lighting. LED has no UV radiation due to which it doesn’t exude warmth. And in addition, a LED lamp is 75% recyclable. Read more about the options of textile frames here.

Besides this adjustment of course it is very pleasant to place some plants in the office and good lighting is also important. Not just functional lighting but also to increase the ambiance.

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