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LED lighting

LED has the major advantage that is has a low power consumption. In comparison; a LED light is ten times more economical than a halogen lamp and thus needs less energy than other lighting. In addition, the energy is optimally used.


Energy consumption

The energy consumption of LED lighting is converted to light and warmth. For illustrative purposes; a bulb converts 10% into light and 90% into warmth. With LED, this is the exact opposite, so LED lights barely radiate any warmth. LED mostly exudes warmth on the backside, from the circuit board the LED is mounted on. In addition to being more economical because LED exudes minimum warmth, it’s also safer.

Lifespan of LED lighting

The lifespan of LED lies between 30,000 and 100,000 burning hours. In practice this means a lifespan of 5 -10 years. 50,000 burning hours equals over 5 years of constant use of LED lighting. Thus, LED lighting doesn’t have to be replaced as often, making the lighting more environmentally friendly.

Advantage of LED lighting

  • LED lighting doesn’t get defects caused by for example shocks or vibrations as often, because with a LED lamp, less vulnerable materials are used;
  • Turns on immediately, the lighting doesn’t need start-up time;
  • Doesn’t have UV radiation whereby the lighting is highly suitable to illuminate for example your textile fabric;
  • LED lamps for the most part are recyclable. On average,75% of the LED lamp can be recycled.

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