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Brass letters

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is often applied when someone wishes to create a classy or old-classic ambiance. In combination with a sturdy and/or contemporary design it gives your façade an amazing appearance.

Characteristics of brass

Brass has the property that when it gets exposed to air, it turns a deep brown. Depending on the wishes of the customer we can accelerate the discolouring process or stop it. That way, the brass will stay the same colour forever. In most cases, brass can very easily be recycled and reused!

Applications of brass

Because brass is easy to cast, knead, and solder, it is an extremely favourable product for creating letters or for example frames for façade advertising.

Brass letters are highly suitable to be used indoor as well as outdoor. Brass letters can be made as a so-called box letter, illuminated or non-illuminated. But also, as adhesive letters to go on your wall or façade.

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