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Milled letters

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Shortly said, milled letters are letters or a logo that we mill or laser out of sheet material. Let your message stand out extra by providing the letters with for example a print fitting your house style, striking colours, patterns, or images.

The difference between a box letter and a milled letter is that a milled letter is much thinner than a box letter. Lighting for example cannot be added in a milled letter. Of course, the letters can be provided with indirect lighting.

Milled letters can be mounted directly to the façade with for example mounting kit. This gives a very sleek effect. Of course, it is important to know on which surface we will be mounting the milled letters. Milled letters can be applied outdoor and indoor, depending on the material that is used.

Applications of milled letters (outdoor)

Milled letters can be made from various materials. The desired look and feel of course will make you choose a certain material. We would be happy to advise you in this choice. Examples of materials are Plexiglas, also called acrylate or Perspex, forex, this is a hard-pressed PVC foam, or dibond, these are aluminium sandwich sheets that are built up in three layers.

Applications of milled letter (indoor)

If you would like to apply milled letters indoors, then natural milled letters of for example Reboard are very cool to use. This is a sustainable honeycomb cardboard.

Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities of milled letters, then leave behind your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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LED light line – PUMA
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Facade advertising in 3D milled letters
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To create recognizability, suitable façade advertising is vital. For more than 30 years we have been specialist in façade advertising, light advertising, signing & print. With a team of over 25 specialists we provide the indoor and outdoor advertising for our customers. From light advertising, façade advertising, light boxes with textile fabric to wrapping cars and vans. Nothing is too crazy for us and together with our customers time and time again we see what the best professional solution would be for your façade advertising.

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