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Light box advertising

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There are many forms of light box advertising. From rectangular, round, oval to specially custom-made. A form of light box advertising you see ever more often is a light box with textile fabric in it. By means of a tendon you can click this fabric in the box and change your light box in a flash.

Rectangular or square light box

The name already says it all, these light boxes are rectangular or square. Because we have the entire production inhouse, a light box can be delivered in every desired size. The light boxes we create are always delivered with LED lighting. This because it is better for the environment, but also for your energy bill!

Rectangular light boxes can be custom-made in various ways. Single sided (the advertisement is illuminated on one side) or double-sided (the advertisement is illuminated on two sides).

Round or oval light box

Depending on your house style and logo of course you choose a certain form of light box. In some cases, your company’s logo for example might render beautifully in a round light box, making you stand out even extra!

A round or oval light box can also be custom-made single sided or double-sided. Single sided (the advertisement is illuminated on one sided) or double-sided (the advertisement is illuminated on two sides). Hereby it’s always important that we look at the best solution and possibilities together!

Textile fabric, life-size and very detailed!

Read more about textile fabric

Special light box

When you really want something other than ‘standard’ of course you can also choose to have a light box made in a certain shape. For de Ballenbar for example, we made a light box in the shape of a wooden shoe. And the puma of PUMA is another beautiful example of a special!

Licht box with textile fabric

In a LED textile light box, the tendon fabric can be changed. This makes it a perfect application if you want to give your room a different look and feel. The applications vary, examples are shop windows, interiors, hospitality, retail, showrooms and office designs. We print in high quality. Due to this, the fabric appears realistic. We don’t miss one single detail. With our printer we have the possibility to print from small to mega size, the XL print.

Light box in all sorts of sizes

We can create the LED textile light box in all sorts of sizes. The light box is available double-sided as well as single sided. The double-sided light box for example is highly applicable in a shop window or as a division wall in a shop.

Use LED lighting

There are different applications of LED lighting in the light box. Depending on the thickness of the frame we use different types of LED. The amount of lighting and the distance of the light box to the fabric is decisive to illuminate the image in the right way. For the best result we test the light box before the product leaves our workshop. Read more about LED lighting here.

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Pastrami ♥
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SCORE Utrecht-Hoog Catharijne
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New CHASIN store
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Oss – SHILOH provided with new facade advertising
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LED light line – PUMA
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If you want to create recognizability then suitable façade advertising is vital. When you choose illuminated advertising you make sure that you are also working on your findability in the dark. For over 30 years we have been the specialist in façade advertising, illuminated advertising, signing & print. A team of over 25 specialists provide our customers with indoor and outdoor advertising. From illuminated advertising, façade advertising, light boxes with textile fabric, to wrapping cars and busses. Nothing is too crazy for us and together with our customers, time and time again we look at the best professional solutions for your illuminated advertising.

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