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NEON lightning

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Neon lighting is completely on-trend! It’s an old craft which has been applied for many years. It is perfect as an eyecatcher in your store, or for example in the cafeteria of your company! Neon lighting is a charming way to attach your brand or a nice quote or phrase on the wall!

NEON verlichting


In addition to traditional NEON lighting, nowadays it’s also possible to choose so-called LED NEON. As the name suggests, with these lights we don’t use gasses to generate colour inside the glass tubes, we use LED lighting.

Better is not the correct description, both traditional NEON and LED NEON each have their own qualities. Of course, LED NEON is newer and more economical, but not necessarily friendlier for the environment. NEON light advertisement is full of character, easy in maintenance, and 100% recyclable.

NEON, an old craft!

Neon lighting is perfect to apply both indoor and outdoor! Neon lighting is not subject to wear caused by moist or temperatures. The options are huge, with regard to glass diameters, size and colour. This light advertising provides an ‘old’ look and feel, and any shape is possible!

NEON, an old craft!

NEON technique

The technique that is used to get the neon in a certain colour is unique! It’s a tube with gas and electrodes. This lights up under power. We can create the tube in every desired colour and we can fill the gas in such a way that it radiates the desired colour.

This way, with neon gas, a red-orange glow can be generated. With other gasses, other colours can be created:

  • Helium: golden yellow
  • Krypton: pale purple
  • Argon: light blue
  • Xenon: bright purple
  • Mercury vapour: green

By mixing these and other gasses, various colour blends can be created.


Neon lighting is making a complete comeback! You often see this application in stores in the form of a quote, fun phrase or for example a flamingo, a palm tree or a logo.
You also often see neon lighting as facade advertising, company name and logo. Due to the many colours and forms that are possible, you make sure you really stand out!

Are you interested in neon lighting? We have over 30 years’ experience in light advertising and neon lighting is our speciality. Let us know and we would be happy to share our thoughts with you!

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If you want to create recognizability then suitable façade advertising is vital. When you choose illuminated advertising you make sure that you are also working on your findability in the dark. For over 30 years we have been the specialist in façade advertising, illuminated advertising, signing & print. A team of over 25 specialists provide our customers with indoor and outdoor advertising. From illuminated advertising, façade advertising, light boxes with textile fabric, to wrapping cars and busses. Nothing is too crazy for us and together with our customers, time and time again we look at the best professional solutions for your illuminated advertising.

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